There are many reasons why you may want to charter a bus in Melbourne and school trips and excursions are among the most popular. Here at Melbourne Bus Charter we have years of experience in providing school bus transportation to all manner of education establishments dotted around the city.

Transporting young students from A to B is a difficult job, and more than any other service offered by Melbourne Bus Charter our first priority is the safety of the passengers. Safety on board school transportation has now become a worldwide concern, and companies such as School Travel Manager specialise in this very important area.

We ensure all our drivers have years of experience of transporting young students and regularly drive them to sporting events, educational establishments, and field trips, not to mention the school commute. So our drivers all have a vast experience of handling such young charges.

Melbourne School Bus Charter Reasons

No matter what sort of school outing you are hiring a bus for in Melbourne there are five very valid reasons you should consider Melbourne Bus Charter.

Covers Larger Geographical Territory

although our name may suggest that we are solely a Melbourne company, we cover a wide area of not just Melbourne but other parts of Australia also.

Widens Possibilities for School Trips

every school year is full of exciting trips, conferences, sporting events, and other educational occasions. These trips can cover large distances, and traditional types of school buses are just not up to the job. Our vehicles are perfect for any occasion and offer a wide range of flexibility for your trip.

Comfort for Teachers and Students

The Melbourne Bus Charter fleet has everything from standard buses to luxury coaches. And the top-of-the-range vehicles are just like an aircraft cabin inside. These are ideal for long tours where comfort is essential.

Experienced Drivers

our drivers have a wealth of experience both in handling students as well as local knowledge. They know how to best load and disembark young students so they are completely safe.


The Melbourne Bus Charter fleet is maintained to the highest levels of safety and operation. All our vehicles are fit for purpose and have the latest safety equipment on board.