Here at Bus Charter Melbourne, we are the professionals at providing excellent bus charter services for Melbourne and the surrounding districts. Many of our existing customers have used our excellent group transportation services on a regular basis.

But for some people chartering a bus in Melbourne is a one-off experience, so how do you select which bus charter company is the best?

Cheapest is Not Always Best

Yes, it is important to keep to budget and look for the most competitive price. But do not let the cheapest price be the most overriding decision factor. As with anything in life, you usually get what you pay for, and bus charter is no different.

If a company is significantly lower in price than all the others then there is a reason. It normally means that the company is desperate for business and that is not a good sign. You have to compare prices on a like-for-like basis.

Reasons for Hiring

A good idea for hiring the best bus charter company for your trip is to write down the reasons why you want to hire the vehicle and what are the most important factors. Is it for a grand corporate event, or is it simply to transport a kids football team?

The types of bus charter you would need for these two events could be completely different, and so the charter company would have to reflect this.

Use a Recognised Business

Choose a bus charter company that has a long and good reputation. Pick a company that has been in business for some time as they must have been doing something right to stay in business for so long.

Also, a reputable business will abide by all the rules and regulations that they should. This means the vehicles will be safe and reliable, and the drivers are fully qualified and security checked.


Above all, your major consideration when choosing a bus charter company should be safety. The safety of your group is of paramount importance and everything else is a bonus.

At Bus Charter Melbourne we pride ourselves at our excellent safety performance record, and all our vehicles are fully maintained on a regular basis to the highest safety standards.