Melbourne’s dining scene must be one of the most dynamic in the whole of Australia. Just when you think you know the best places to go another great eatery opens up. Few locals can keep up with this flourishing restaurant scene, never mind about visitors.

To assist visitors we have put together a list of some of the very best places to dine in Melbourne. And if you are having dinner with family or a group of friends then why not leave the car at home and let Bus Charter Melbourne handle all your transport.


Don’t be confused about the exterior of Navi and think that you have arrived at the wrong establishment. As behind the rather tawdry curtains is an eating establishment of the highest calibre.

Entering this unassuming place the first thing that occurs to you how small Navi is. It has only twenty five seats but you will find that they are regularly fully booked. It is a sort of establishment that chefs like to frequent as the food is absolutely top notch.

Diners simply take their seats at $120 per head and then are served up a ten course tasting menu designed nightly by the head chef Julian Hills. Expect seasonal fare and exceptional food.

Rising Embers

The current fad for Asian barbequed food does not seem to be diminishing one iota. But in many so called Korean and Thai BBQ joints authenticity does not seem the real deciding factor.
Rising Embers changes all that, and you will find many three chilli logos dotted all over the menu. This is Melbourne’s new answer to Sichuan barbeque, and uses top class ingredients with top notch service. Even Kobe beef is on the menu if you want to risk cooking it yourself at $128 a platter.

Long Chim

Long Chim is not the standard toned down Thai replica eatery. It is far more authentic and closer to the real thing, almost what Thai’s would eat.

The dishes in Long Chim have the required heat they should have, they are spicier than most Thai restaurants in Australia. Long Chim serves up its food with original ingredients imported from Thailand, these include curry pastes, tamarind, palm sugar, quality fish sauce, limes, Thai chillies and noodles. The dishes on the menu are representative of real Thai dishes that most Australians would not have tasted before, such as ling fish in sour orange curry, larb chicken and mashed prawn curry.

Tipo 00

Melbourne has its fair share of great Italian restaurants, and you do not need to spend a fortune to get a decent bowl of freshly made pasta. Tipo 00 is more of a pasta bar rather than a fine dining restaurant, but don’t worry as the food is devine.

The lovely white marble bar sets the tone for the decor, and there is even a stage-lit section where diners can see the pasta being freshly made every night. To complement the food is an excellent wine list with plenty of good Italian wines to select from.

If any of these great eateries takes your fancy why not leave the car at home and enjoy a glass or two of wine with your meal. Contact Bus Charter Melbourne and we will be happy to provide the transportation for the evening.