Here at Bus Charter Melbourne we have taken numerous school groups on just about every type of excursion you can think of.

If your school is looking for something different and exciting that will keep your kids entertained then we have put together some great suggestions for you.

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Kids love animals and when it comes to school excursions a trip to the zoo or a farm always goes down well. The Melbourne region has so many options when it comes to wildlife that options are almost unlimited.

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is particularly kid friendly. And let’s the young students get up and personal with all manner of marine life. The zoo also operates an official curriculum-based educational excursion program to fit in with the school term work.


School trips do not always have to be serious and just an extension of the classroom. It is sometimes good just to take the kids out once in a while to enjoy themselves and forget about the pressures of exams and the like.

Why not take your students to the likes of, Melbourne Star, The Escape Hunt, Arthur’s Seat, and Timezone. As well as learning a thing or two about the place they live they can really enjoy themselves and have great fun.

Health & Fitness

Not every school trip has to have an academic slant to it. Just as important is the personal development and health of their young bodies. We all know that physical education is not everybody’s cup of tea.

But combining a healthy experience along with a fun one can really make a difference. If you have not already tried the indoor aerial park at Latitude Melbourne then it is well worth a visit.

Perhaps GoClimb can encourage some of the children to be more adventurous with their activities. The personal challenges are both fun and great for the development of both mind and body.

Maths & Science

Most students can be split into science or arts orientated. And for the latter trying to understand algebra or physics in a classroom can be a nightmare.

A school trip to somewhere like ViriVR can bring science into a whole different dimension to young minds and help them better understand the nuances of science and maths.

ViriVR is an almost hour long virtual reality immersion. It provides children with an avenue to actually live out their imaginations in a virtual experience that will blow their minds away. It is second only to reality itself.

And finally for a real hands-on experience LEGOLAND never lets you down. The principles of maths and science can be learned through collaboration whilst building, critical thinking and problem solving.

If these great ideas have given you food for thought for your next school excursion then contact Bus Charter Melbourne today and we will turn your ideas into reality.